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You’re About To Discover The Real Reason Why Up Till Now, Newbies Have Been Led To Believe That Making Money On Fiverr Is Only For The Pros And Not For The Inexperienced.
Until Recently, They Only Knew Half The Story. 
But As You’re About To See, My Process Proves Anyone Can Get On Fiverr Today And Get Their First $1k, $2k In Just A Few Short Weeks.

To Date, 3,735 Folks From Around The World Have Already Done Exactly That… 
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I Know This Sounds Untrue.
I Mean, Even My Students Couldn’t Believe Their Own Eyes At First. 
Nonetheless, After Employing My Time-Tested Strategies That I've Perfected Over The Years, They Continue To Achieve Results Such As:

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Being A New Seller (Earning Less Than $100 Per Month) On Fiverr Is NOT The End...

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Hi, My Name Is Kwabena Okyire Appianing.

I've Been A Fiverr Freelancer And Marketer For Over 7 Years...
I’m A Top-Rated Seller On Fiverr And I’ve Gotten Nothing Less Than $120,000 From
If You're Like Most Newbies On Fiverr, You've Probably Been Given Some "Newbie's Best Practices" On YouTube, Blogs, And Other Websites.But The Thing Is, Anyone Can Give You Advice, But Only A Few Can Stand Tall, Give You A Practical Step, And Show You Results That Over 1,000 Other Students Have Received...While That Is Not Something You Normally See With These "People" Giving Tips...Today, I’ll Prove That You Too Can Make It Work...

Kwabena Okyire Appianing.

Yes, Even If You Believe That You Are 'Unlucky,' It Still Works!

A Myth That’s Been Pushed By The Top Earners On This Platform To Keep You In-Check And Unwilling To Keep Trying And Hacking Their Gig-Flooding System... 

But Not Anymore. 

Today, You’ll Get A Chance To Discover Everything They Know, Everything That I Know. But Before I Move On, Who Is This For? Well, This Letter Is Basically For You If…

  • You Have A Fiverr Account But You Have No Orders Coming In Frequently As They Are Supposed To...
  • List You’ve Taken Some Fiverr Courses Or Watched Some YouTube Videos But You’re Still Struggling To Get Buyers...
  • You’re A StudentFreelancer Or Even Full Time Employed But You Want A Side Income…
  • You’re A Freelancer Looking To Finally Get Started On Fiverr And Make Decent Money.
  • You Have Completed School, Unemployed And Has More Time Doing Nothing

Get Your Fiverr Journey Started

You See, Before Setting Up Your Account And Putting Out That Brilliant Gig Idea You Have…

You Need To Remember, You’re Competing With Thousands Of The Top 1% Who Have Their Order/Gig Right In Front Of Your Buyers…

And That’s Why The Number One Thing You Have To Do Is...

Learn How The Top Fiverr Performers Attracts More Orders Without Lifting A Finger.

You See, One Quick Way To Acquire More Eyes To Your Gig Is To Do Intentional And In-Depth Research… One That Will Move You Out Of The Circle Of 99% Of Freelancers Who Struggle To Successfully Sell Their Gigs And Make Any Money, And Put You Among The…

1% Who Actually Make A Fortune And Attract Lots Of Orders Than They Can Handle... Without Having To Reduce Their Prices

So, How Do You Go About Research? I’ll Break It Down Into Two:


Quickly, Let’s Dive In, Shall We?

As A Freelancer On Fiverr, When Creating Your Gigs, You Need To Do What I Call Gig Research. The Aim Of Doing This Is To Make Sure That By The Time You’re Creating Your Gig, You’ll Be Doing It In A Completely Different Way From What Others Are Doing.

Here’s Why Gig Research Is Important...

As At 2019, Over 830,000 Breathing Humans Signed-Up As Freelancers On Fiverr. This Means That There Are Almost A Thousand(Depending On Your Service, It Could Be More)  Freelancers Doing Exactly What You’re Doing. 

So, The Only Way To Show Buyers That You’re Worth Every Penny They’re Gonna Pay For Your Service(And Even More) Is By Making Sure Your Descriptions Are As Detailed As Possible.

Most Fiverr Sellers Are Not Teaching This Because They Don’t Want Competition... 

So Even If You Go Through Several Videos, Blogs, Webinars, Training… Chances Are You Will End Up At The Same Spot.

I Decided Someone Needed To Step Up And Help The Community Of Newbie Freelancers.

After Thinking About This For Some Time, I Wanted To Do Something To Help. So, I Recorded Everything I’ve Come To Know About Creating, Selling And Profiting On Fiverr Amidst Competition.

I Believe That Most Newbie Writers (Like You) Are Making A Big Mistake By Trying To Follow What Newbies Are Doing… Because You Have Nobody To Tell You About It (Since Most Of These Gurus Aren't Spilling The Beans).

This Can Delay Your Growth By Years - Leaving You Frustrated And Questioning Whether You Can Really Make A Full-Time Income As A Fiverr Freelancer.

That’s Why I’ve Decided To Share All My Secrets For Acquiring More Leads And Eyes On Your Fiverr Service In A Brand New Battle-Tested Program Called…


The Fiverr Secrets Is A Comprehensive Video Course Containing Everything You Need To Take You From A Newbie Fiverr Freelancer (Earning Below $2,000/Month) To Someone That Confidently Earns $3k, $5k Or $10k  Every Month.

And It’s Based On Seven Unique Modules (These Are What You Get When You Hop On):

It’s The Most Important Thing You Need To Learn As A Newbie On Fiverr. 

And It’s Going To Be All About:


The Essential Fiverr Checklist That Places You Ahead Of Your Competition.

This Section Is Entirely About The Preliminaries That 90% Of Freelancers Skip I.E  How To Get Started Afresh By Knowing “The Moving Parts” Of Fiverr.

It’s The Most Important Thing You Need To Learn As A Newbie On Fiverr. 

And It’s Going To Be All About:

  • #1 Reason Why Buyers LOVE Fiver And Why You MUST Keep This In Mind If You Wanna Understand What They Look For And POSITION Yourself As The Next Possible Solution.
  • The Real Reason Why Your Gig Isn’t Selling EVEN With The Right Title… And What It Actually Takes To Succeed On Fiverr .
  • I'll Also Show You Exactly How Much You Can EARN -Realistically - On Fiverr… No Matter What Service You’re Selling.

If You Want To Work With Buyers From All Over The World On Fiverr… Then You Need To Have These In Mind.

This Section Is Entirely About The Preliminaries That 90% Of Freelancers Skip I.E  How To Get Started Afresh By Knowing “The Moving Parts” Of Fiverr.

It’s The Most Important Thing You Need To Learn As A Newbie On Fiverr. 

And It’s Going To Be All About:

Quite Easy To Grasp When You Watch Me Explain It To You Like I Have For Thousands Of Other Students Over The Years. But Is That All I Have For You? Hell No! We’re Just Getting Started. 

The Next Thing You’ll Find In This Program Is…


Account Creation Secrets

How To Flesh Out An Account That Attract Buyers

Now That You've Filled Your Mind With In-Depth Knowledge That Not Every Newbie Is Aware Of... It's Time To Build A Profile That Will Bring You A Steady Stream Of Projects From Buyers.

And In This Module, I’m Going To Show You:

  • How To Set Up A Fiverr Account That Gets You Attention In The Shortest Time Possible.
  • Don’t Know What And What Should Be In Your Profile? You’d Get A Time-Tested Technique That Guarantees A Profile Setup That Gets You Messages From Buyers On Fiverr. 
  • Use This Proven Profile Title Hack To Get Prospects To Reach Out To You For Their Gigs - In Droves. (TRUTH: I Constantly Use This Simple Hack, My Students Do Too - Now We Get Buyers So Much That We Turn Them Down.) 
  • How Best To Place Your Education And Certification For Maximum Results (Not Everyone Gets This Right, But Placing Your Certification In The Right Place Using The Right Words - Gets You Buyer’s Attention.)

This Module Walks You Through The Best Way To Set Yourself Up For Success And Get A Standard Fiverr Account That’s Ready To Attract As Many Buyers As Possible.

With These Two Modules ONLY, You’re 60% Set To Start Earning Your First $3,000/Month. Pretty Sweet Deal Here I Must Say. 

But… Ohh… I'm Just Starting. In Addition, You’re Also Going To Learn:


Scientific Gig Research Framework;

In Order To Get It Right The First Time. Setting Up A PERFECT Gig Takes Time, Energy, And Expertise.

And Because I’ve Helped Over 3,000 Other Freelancers Set Up Their Gigs, That Has Gone On To Make Multiple Thousand Of Dollars.

I've Created A No-Fail Research Framework That Allows You To Conduct In-Depth Research Into What Niches And Gigs Are Selling HOT In Just One Afternoon.

This, And Much More, Is What You Get When You Join Me Inside The 'Fiverr Masterclass Course.'

This Is Because I Have Created A Secret Board Full Of Simple Steps To Hack Keyword Research And Dominate Your Competitors.

(In Order To Avoid Running In Circles All The Time, Don't Forget To Do This:)


Gig Creation; The Overlooked Nuances

Of Fiverr Gigs.

The Fiverr Masterclass Is All About Implementation Of What Works.

So, During The Bootcamp, We'll Be Building A GIG From Scratch - A Gig That’s Setup For Getting Orders In Queues. Which In Turn Gets You The Five, Six Figures That You’ve Always Heard The 1% Talk About…

I’d Show You Dead Simple And Easy Techniques You Can Also Adopt (Newbie Or Not) To Create Outstanding  Gigs And Descriptions That Pull The Strings On Fiverr. ((It’s So Effective, My Students Keep Getting Results When They Apply This). 

Imagine Me Holding Your Hand And Providing You With The EXACT Framework That I And My Students Use.

Take (ADD NAME) For Example: 

He Kept Getting Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Order ONCE He Watched This Module. You Too Can Get This Result Provided You Follow Me Every Step Of The Way. 

In Here, You See Me Creating The Gigs Myself, This Way, You’d Limit The Errors You Make. Mistakes Cost Money!

And You Don’t Need That, You Need To Get Your Results Faster Instead! Money Loves Speed.

That Is Why, For Secret 4As You Build Your Gig, You’ll Gain Valuable Feedback From Me And My Team Of Coaches Every Step Of The Way.

Sweet Right? I Mean Coaches Charge $1,000’S For This And You’re Getting It As A BONUS. 

BUT I'm Only Getting Started...


FIVERR GIGS THAT SELL HOT; Low Competition Gigs, High Income Gigs.

Having been in your shoes, I know how much of a time you spend trying to figure out the best GIG to put out there in order to get that order…

And eventually, when you send it out there… NOTHING happens. 

Why, you ask?

It’s because there’s too much competition for the same gigs out there. 

Giving the ONES that started early an edge over you…

Not any more…

That is no longer a problem because...

I'm going to give you my blackbook best-performing pieces of low competition yet HIGH INCOME gigs so you can take the guesswork out and instead… have a PROVEN...

  1. List of Fiverr Gigs sells the second you put it out there. 

  2. All you’d need to get your KILLER gig out in the public.

(I did say I've done all the work, so you don’t have to.)

So I intend to make earning money enjoyable and painless for you… utilizing my well researched list, you will be able to begin getting buyers almost  IMMEDIATELY.

The following bonus will save you a significant amount of time and money.

This alone sells for $47, but it's yours today for FREE

(I Did Say I've Done All The Work, So You Don’t Have To.

So I Intend To Make Earning Money Enjoyable And Painless For You

By Utilizing My Well Researched List, You Will Be Able To Begin Getting Buyers Almost  IMMEDIATELY.

The Following Bonus Will Save You A Significant Amount Of Time And Money.

This Alone Sells For $47, But It's Yours Today For FREE


FIVERR GIGS THAT SELL HOT; Low Competition Gigs, High Income Gigs.

Buyers Come In Different Personal And Forms. And While There Are Buyers That Are Honest And Get You Paid Without Any Hassle…

There Are Others Who, If You Should Work With Them, Can Be Your Worst Nightmare. And Worse It Could Lead To Complications With Fiverr Platform… Which Is… Ermm Not So Good!

But After Having Been Here For Years, Working With Thousands Of Buyers… I’ve Developed This Sixth Sense (Backed By Experiences) And I Can Always Tell You:

  1. If This Buyer Is Worth Your Time.
  2. If You Want To Upsell Them, You Should Look For These Things In Every Buyer. When You Know What Kind Of Clients To Upsell, You Get The Big Money, Not The Fixed Price On Your Gig. (This Is Where The Gold Is.)

And I Carefully Placed Them In Here. 

At First I Thought I Was Overreaching… But After Showing It To My Students, It Worked And It’s Been Working

You Know Why? Because I Keep Updating These Traits Each Time I Figure The Similarities. 

Ignore This And You May End Up With Time-Wasters Disguised As Clients. If You Get Your Hands On This, You Will Never Have To Deal With BAD Clients Again On Fiverr…

Instead, You’re Going To Have A Blueprint That Guides You On How To Approach Each Of These Buyers - So You Can Get Them To Order From You!

But That’s Not All...

To Make Sure You Succeed Beyond Your Expectations,

Check Out This Next Secret:


GIG PROMOTION; The White Hat, Grey Hat, Black Hat, Paid Gig And Cold Promotion.

I’m Committed To Making This Process A Breeze For You.

When You Get Your Fingers On This Highly-Effective Module, You’ll Find Traffic Sources For Your Gigs From Spots You Never Even Knew Existed...

I Call This The "Traffic Hack."

And Get This: In Here, I’d Show You The Backend Secret Recipe To Promote Your Gig In A Non-DesperateNon Salesy Way… Youtube Videos, Blogs Won’t Cover This In-Depth, Luckily For You, I Do All That Here!.

Meaning You Don’t Have To Sit By And WAIT For Orders Coming To You.

In Fact, A Good Number Of My Students Who Command $2k, $3k Every Month, Get 60% Of Their Buyers AWAY FROM FIVERR.

It’s A Simple, Yet Effective System That Works Every…Single…Time. 

I’m Ready To Show You The Way. The Question Is, Are You Ready To Get Your Hands Dirty?

On Top Of All Of These Benefits.

Listen… You DO NOT Need:

  • Another Online Course That Gives You Hours And Hours Of Videos To Watch, With No Implementation Or Support
  • Another Webinar Aka Pitch-Fest With No Real Strategy
  • Another Replay Of Retired Content With Outdated Information On Fiverr

What You Need INSTEAD - Is To Be A Part Of The Fiverr Masterclass Where:

  • You Get PROVEN, Yet Ignored Steps That I Used To Attract High-Paying Orders Just Like The One You Saw In The Screenshot I Shared Earlier On.
  • You Fill Your Inbox With BUYERS So That You Can Sell More Of Your Services On Fiverr Throughout The Year.
  • You Make MONEY On Fiverr (Even If You Have ZERO Knowledge And  Skill)

Get Your Fiverr Journey Started

But First, I Must Warn You… This Is A Community Of Hard Workers, People Who Have And Are Still Putting In The Work,

 People Who Bring In Results Such As This:

And This:

Remember You’re Starting The Race Behind Thousands Of Freelancers On Fiverr Already... That’s Because They Already Understand The Platform, The Moving Parts, The Best Approach To Each Order, Gigs And Buyers.

This Automatically Puts Them Ahead Of You Initially, Which Means They’re More Likely To Get Hired On Fiverr

But As The Top 1% Myself, I Can Tell You That…

Don’t Give Up Just Yet, The Race Is Still On.

By Learning All These Modules I Have Put Together In The Fiverr Secret Program, I’ve Created A Safe Haven For You. All You Need To Do? Is Just GRAB The Opportunity.

And Because I Want You Getting Results In No Time —Let’s Talk Bonuses.

If You Get In Today, I’m Going To Add ALL These BONUSES For You:

  • BONUS 1: A Trick (Which ONLY Works On Fiverr) For Getting Orders Even If You Have Literally Never Achieved A Single Thing As A Freelancer (FUN FACT: I Milked This Trick Multiple Times On Fiverr… And It Got Me Gigs Of $1.5k, $2k And Much More Every Time)
  • Over 10 NEW Ways To Write Powerful Compelling Fiverr Gig Descriptions That Get You Eyeballs And Buyer’s Interest! (Miss This, And You Would Struggle To Get Orders While You Sleep - Like I Did 7 Years Ago! SKIP That Pain)
  • THE BEST Kind Of “Top Selling Gigs” You Can Model To Get Your First Order In Less Than A Week… Fast!
  • Little-Known 45 Low Competition Gigs You Can Easily Set Up, Create Demand For And Win The Category In Less Than 8 Weeks. 
  • Gig Promotion Masterclass With  Facebook Ads On How You Can Spend Just $5/Day On Facebook Ads To Drive Steady Flow Of Buyers To Your Fiverr Gig
  • An Evergreen Trick On Attracting High Income Intent Based Buyers From Outside Of Fiverr. ( This Alone Can Get You Ahead Of 70% Of Competitions Out There… Without Breaking A Sweat!)
  • How To Make Your Fiverr Account Look Like A Pro Account In Just One Week Of Signing Up
  • 10 Done-For-You Fiverr Gigs (HIGH DEMAND) That You Can Immediately Copy And Use To Get A More Definite Result. (The Headlines And Tags Are All Written For You, All You Need To Do Is Copy And Paste!) 
  • Access To A Premium Active Community Of Fiverr Sellers Who Earn More Than $2,000 Each Month
  • Exclusive Access To The Fiverr $100k Gig Ebook - A Master’s Refined Approach To Creating Gigs That Earn Over $100,000 Per Year. (I Consider It My "Secret Weapon".)
  • Use It ONLY When You Want To Crank Up An UNGODLY Sum Of Money Within 12 Months. I Put Naysayers At Rest With The Hacks In This Ebook, And You Can Do The Same. 

If This Is All You Keep Doing, You’ll Have A Strong Foundation For A Great Career As A Fiverr Freelancer (Or Any Type Of Platform For That Matter).

Even If You’re In School Like One Of My Students.

Even if you’re in school like one of my students.

Now, You Have All You Need To Create An Unfair Advantage For Yourself.

The Next Question You’re Probably Asking Is. How Much Is The 


Good Question…

I Had Nothing Figured Out When I Started 7 Years Ago; I Was Really Just Eager To Be A Freelancer, And To Be Honest?... It Cost Me Thousands And Thousands Of Dollars Because I Missed Out On Opportunities I Could Have Taken Advantage Of...Things I Could Have Learned...

I Had Nothing Figured Out When I Started 7 Years Ago; I Was Really Just Eager To Be A Freelancer, And To Be Honest?... It Cost Me Thousands And Thousands Of Dollars Because I Missed Out On Opportunities I Could Have Taken Advantage Of...Things I Could Have Learned...

I Know Now That If I Had Done Things Differently, I Could Have Achieved The Same Results In A Shorter Period Of Time...

I Don't Want You To Have To Go Through What I Went Through.

That Being Said, The Information In This Program Is Easily Worth Thousands Of Dollars, Especially When You Consider How Many Projects You'd Have Lost If You Kept Doing The Same Thing Over And Over.

And Because Of That, I Originally Planned On Charging $397 For Access To This Program.

Even At That Price, The Modules And Bonus Will Still Be A STEAL…

However, You Will Not Be Paying Even Half Of That (Over $190) For This...

Instead, And Only If You Act Now, While This Website Is Still Up And Running, You Will Be Granted Immediate And Unrestricted Access To The Entire Fiverr Secrets Video Course.

With All The Valuable Information You Need To Begin Attracting Paying Clients And Buyers—From Someone Who Has Done It Numerous Times...

And I've Decided To Keep The Price As Low As Possible So That ANYONE Can Afford It

How Low? 

Well, I’m Practically Giving This PRACTICAL Video Course All Away For Just



Yup, That’s A MASSIVE Rip-Off. 

I Ended Up Settling For A Price That Is 75% Off The Price I Wanted To Charge At First!

But I’d Be More Than Glad To Have You Rip Me Off, Because I Want You To Join The Community Of Freelancers That Are Confident In Their Service And Their Ability To Sell Non-Stop On A Platform Like Fiverr.

If You Consider How Much Growth You Could Experience In Your Freelancing Career When You Know How To Get Orders Non-Stop... You’ll See That This Is An Absolute No-Brainer.

It’ll Pay For Itself Over And Over. I Mean, You Can Make This Back In Less Than 72 Hours After Getting This Course, Isn’t That A Good Deal To STEAL Right Now?

Yes, I Want The FSC Video Course @ $97

If You Think That Putting Aside $97 For This Is Too Much Of A Big Deal For You Then, As A Matter Of Urgency Stop Reading And Close This Tab In Your Browser.

But If You Feel You’re Worth More Than What You’re Getting As A Freelancer And You’re Ready To Do Something About It, Then…

You Need To Take Action Now Before It's Too Late.

This Site Is Programmed In Such A Way That Once I Receive A Particular Number Of Buyers, It Closes Down.

Currently, I Haven’t Decided On A Number Yet But You Never Know, You May Come Back Here Tomorrow And Not Meet This Here Anymore, Or You May Come Back Later And See That The Price Has Been Increased To $397

You Never Can Tell,

Which Is Why You Should Not Slack Any Further…

Best Of Luck

Kwabena Okyire Appianing



You missed out!


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